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Sometimes, the unthinkable needs to be considered.

When your employees are at work you depend on them to deliver. Outside work, their families and loved ones rely on them.

Should ever a critical situation arise, a flexible and fitting Protection Strategy from COURTIERS can offer a whole range of cover, security and other benefits to include:

Life Assurance

Effective Protection Schemes to ensure that in the event of death of an employee, all appropriate measures are in place to ensure loved ones are cared for and trustees remain in control.

Permanent Health Insurance

Suitable cover to assist employers in paying employees’ monthly wages following prolonged periods of absence. Additional valuable beneficial measures are included within the schemes which encourage employees to return to work, alleviating any pressure on management. These measures might include regular health assessments, counselling and ongoing support.

Critical Illness Insurance

Cover which allows an employer to pay a tax-free lump sum to any employee diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness (various providers cover different medical conditions). All policies and payouts are designed to support employees through recovery by relieving any financial burden.

Key Person Insurance

Anyone making a major contribution to a company's profitability may be considered a key person, regardless of whether they are a director, salesperson, administrator or technician. Key Person Insurance takes into account the loss of profit a business would suffer in the event of a key person’s death or illness as well as any subsequent specialist skills and goodwill that may be lost, effect on business confidence, impact on clients/customers and also, the additional challenge of recruiting and training a successor.

Shareholder Protection & Cross Option Agreements

Should a shareholder die unexpectedly, this gives remaining shareholders the legal right to buy the shares of the deceased, giving any such beneficiaries the right to demand such a purchase. A Shareholder Protection policy provides the funding for any such purchase and while often overlooked, can prove extremely valuable in the event it’s needed.

For an initial discussion about Protection Services and how they can contribute to effective business continuity, please call or contact us online.

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