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OBSTACLES - overcome by vision, understanding, experience and capability.

Tax unavoidably hinders wealth accumulation. It can however be factored into a wealth maximisation strategy to effectively mitigate its impact.

Within a global team, Courtiers Personal Wealth Management Advisers look ahead to identify tax mitigation measures to support unique circumstances and objectives. Understanding your situation allows Courtiers to design and implement financial maximisation solutions to minimise the impact of:

  • INCOME TAX - payable in respect of taxable income arising during a tax year (year ending 5th April)
  • CAPITAL GAINS TAX - payable by an individual when a chargeable gain arises from the disposal of a capital asset if the disposal proceeds exceed the tax-free allowance.
  • INHERITANCE TAX - a tax on a transfer of property by an individual either during their lifetime or on death. It can also be charged on property held in a trust or owned by a closed company.
  • CORPORATION TAX - payable by a company if it carries out a business activity to produce income or chargeable gains, either UK resident or Non-UK resident trading through a permanent UK-based establishment.

There are various ways Courtiers can help minimise the impact of the above taxes with the added potential of guiding you to maximise what remains yours - whether it be building, further protecting, enjoying or passing on your wealth.

To find out more about taxes, how they impact you and how you can minimise that impact, contact Courtiers to arrange a confidential meeting in person or over the phone.

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