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Flexible benefit packages are popular with many employers because they can be tailored to the different lives, needs and aspirations of a diverse workforce. They offer greater power and benefit to the employees who appreciate feeling recognised and valued through a committed culture of care.

Courtiers helps organisations identify the most appropriate benefits and advises how they can be tailored into a flexible package to suit different employees and budgets.

It’s a smart process;- through your Courtiers manager, custom printed material and ongoing workshops (designed to fit your organisation’s operations), Courtiers remains active and visible to ensure you and your employees each understand how an effective pay and benefits package can be adjusted to meet very specific needs.

Company Vehicles

A very attractive proposition for any prospective employee, with the opportunity to enjoy a brand new modern vehicle with all servicing costs covered. Company Vehicle benefits generally require a fair investment and with significant tax implications, it’s worth exploring in some detail before implementing such a scheme.

Cycle to Work Schemes

A fantastic and motivating way to encourage employee health and wellbeing is to offer them a brand new bicycle at up to 50% the market cost via a 12month salary exchange agreement.

Cycle to Work schemes offer a range of direct benefits to the company at no cost:

  • Reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint
  • Demonstrate care, both internally and in the community
  • Reduce congestion and/or on-site parking challenges
  • Under this scheme, your company purchases a new bicycle (plus any safety accessories) and loans it to the employee as a tax free benefit via a 12 month salary exchange. After 12 months, ownership of the bicycle is transferred to the employee. Because of this direct payment method the cost of the new bike (which the employee is free to choose from one of a panel of Bicycle shops) can be as little as 50% of its true market cost. Many employees value this benefit within an overall package and recognise it can save them money while offering them an opportunity to improve fitness levels in between work and home.

To identify benefits that complement your employees’ positions and needs, contact Courtiers to arrange an initial discussion with a specialist adviser.

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