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While absence and under-performance in the workplace costs the UK tens of billions of pounds of every year, healthcare benefits are a valuable aspect of any effective Corporate Benefit Scheme.

The health of your employees underpins their ability to deliver. Encouraging them to maintain physical and mental wellbeing allows your business to minimise profit loss while demonstrating an encouraging culture of care.

Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Effective cover to minimise absenteeism (and associated costs) by simplifying claims processes and allowing employees swift access to the best private facilities for the most effective, timely treatment. An effective PMI scheme can also reduce the costs of other insurance plans you may have.

If an employee requires treatment then a quick phone call to the insurer is usually all that is necessary to get the claim approved. How much can be claimed will be determined by the type of plan you offer, and these can vary greatly so it is important to think about what your employees really value.

Private Medical Insurance enables your employees to bypass long NHS waiting lists, and receive the very best treatment in the very best facilities. Whilst great for your employees, this is also good news for the company as they could be back on their feet sooner. Having a PMI scheme may also reduce the cost of other insurance plans you have.

Critical Illness Insurance

Cover ranging from basic to comprehensive. The most basic plan covers emergency treatment and typically costs a few pounds per employee per month. More advanced plans provide additional cover for the reimbursement of part / all of the cost of regular check-ups, hygienist treatment and any restorative work such as fillings, crowns, bridges etc.

Many employees see Dental Cover as a significant benefit as private care is costly and NHS dentists are becoming increasingly inaccessible.

Cash Plans

A cost-effective alternative to PMI and Dental Insurance. For a few pounds per month, employees can claim money back for a wide range of treatments including dentistry, physiotherapy, chiropody, health screening and optometry. Some companies in this market work on a not-for-profit basis making the premiums often surprisingly reasonable given the amount of benefit employees could receive. Whilst they do not provide the same level of cover as a Private Medical Insurance policy or a top-end Dental policy, they are well received by employees and are certainly a good stepping stone towards more comprehensive cover. Many companies offer their senior staff access to Private Medical Insurance and the rest of their staff a Cash Plan.

For assistance with effective Healthcare Schemes that will help look after and incentivise your employees (and demonstrate a clear culture of care across your organisation), please get in touch

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