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Reviewing and refining an Employee Benefit Scheme

As a business grows, it’s important at times to assess performance in all areas and Employee Benefit Schemes are no exception.

As a mark of an organisation’s appreciation and willingness to incentivise and reward its people, Employee Benefits can align workforces to optimise performance.

Courtiers takes care to understand and assess Benefit Schemes in minute detail knowing that a carefully prepared, exceptionally managed and regularly reviewed Benefits Package can significantly enhance the morale, Culture of Care and performance within an organisation. Our corporate clients appreciate the active presence, ongoing insight and effective, streamlined and intelligent Benefit Scheme management that Courtiers provides within its Scheme Management services, as did one client in the following example:


A client was bought out by a larger group. Each company within the group had:

  • Its own employee benefits structure
  • Different insurance companies providing different services
  • Different employee benefit consultants providing advice

The group initially approached Courtiers to review the various life assurance policies in place to provide different levels of cover for different staff (depending on their position in the business).

Through a detailed assessment, Courtiers established that by using our influence with the insurers we could bring the general level of cover up to the highest level available anywhere within the group at the time, and save on the overall premium.

Having experienced the positive effects of working with Courtiers, the company asked us to review the group’s pensions. Once again, Courtiers was able identify and recommend an improved scheme at a reduced cost, meaning each employee could enjoy a more flexible pension scheme with lower charges.

Courtiers can review any aspect of your existing Employee Benefit Scheme and likely offer advice to refine or improve it in line with your circumstances, aspirations and budget.

Call us to discuss your requirements, or to ask any questions. If it’s convenient we can arrange an initial consultation today.

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