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The needs of one organisation are very rarely the same as another. Diverse experience over three decades has shown us that much!

Understanding the unique requirements and circumstances of your organisation is paramount before any valuable advice can be offered. In the following example, our advisers responded to very specific (and in this case quite unexpected) needs:

A large multinational telecoms company needed a number of pension schemes winding up following the acquisition of a smaller firm. The effective pension schemes within the smaller firm weren’t identified prior to acquisition and left the new business owner with some unexpected corporate trustee responsibilities.

Courtiers worked directly with the Pension Provider, HMRC, the Pensions Regulator and the business itself, liaising with its US and UK departments independently in order to obtain key information and propose an effective wind-up strategy in accordance with strict rules laid down by the regulating bodies.

Courtiers took time to speak directly with each Pension Scheme Member individually, offering advice the business could otherwise not have given. Everything was executed very smoothly to the satisfaction of everyone involved and the business owner was able to swiftly turn focus back to his original objectives.

If you’re not sure what direction to take, or if you know where you need to be and could benefit from guidance and support of an organisation as equipped and capable as ours, ask Courtiers to help you make clear sense of everything.

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