Fund Charges and Costs Explained

There are various charges and costs to consider when investing in the Courtiers Funds.

Ongoing Charges

Each fund will apply an ongoing charge, which is used to pay the costs of running the Fund, including the costs of marketing and distributing it, and fees paid for investment management and administration. The value of your investment is reflective of these charges and will be lower as a result.

The ongoing charges for each fund and share class vary, and can be found in the relevant Key Investor Information Document.

Entry and Exit Charges

Courtiers does not currently apply an entry or exit charge for any of the Courtiers Funds.

Please refer to the relevant Key Investor Information Document for the specific charges to invest in each Courtiers Fund. For full details of the charges and costs applied to the Courtiers Funds, please refer to the relevant Fund’s Prospectus.

If you would like to invest in the Courtiers Funds, please contact us and we can provide you with further information.


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Fund Charges and Costs Explained

Information on the costs an investor might incur while investing in the retail share class of any Courtiers Fund.

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Redemption and Transfer Instructions

Detailed instructions on redeeming or transfering out of Courtiers funds.

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