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Kind Words and Case Studies

R J Keefe
Courtiers is a professional organisation with knowledgeable, approachable staff who treat clients as individuals.

Graeme Clark helped us create a “decision tree” of the pension options and their implications for both protected and unprotected rights pensions. In due course, this will be a valuable prompt together with input from Courtiers for either one or both of us to make the most appropriate decision when the time arrives.

I have benefited from the advice and discussion leading to the decision to convert my Final Salary Pension into a SIPP, together with the breadth and depth of knowledge of Graeme Clark and his endless patience and enjoy having on-line access to my portfolios.

Central to the confidence we have in Courtiers are the people we have regular contact with, and most specifically Graeme Clark.

Mr M & Mrs C McMillan
We are a couple who have been happily married for forty plus years and in our retirement now;

We wanted our ‘savings’ to be wisely invested where we could leave others to care for our investment without losing sleep in these troubled financial times. We decided to trust our future finances in low risk investments with Courtiers some years ago and have found them to be very genuine, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

Richard Hayes
Courtiers have always provided an excellent service, good communications, sound advice and responsive to any questions.

I was particularly impressed and grateful for the trouble Courtiers took dealing with my Mother’s financial affairs, and the sensitive and personal approach as she became older and increasingly infirm.

Moving the management of my pension fund to Courtiers from a much larger concern was a revelation; suddenly we had a personal service which took the trouble to find out about our needs and to provide advice and guidance accordingly.

Mrs Patricia Mary Holifield
My late husband initially used Courtiers for business reasons which progressed also to personal advice in investments, the company have since then given myself and family accurate and sound reasons to trust the judgement.

Since my husband passed away Jonathon Howard and Gary Reynolds have re-organised the investments held by us into a manageable package for myself to allow me a monthly income.

It is always possible to speak to someone at Courtiers if I need help or information and it is given in simple language which I can understand, being a woman and widow I really appreciate this.

It would be difficult to improve on the service I receive which works, well – If it’s not broken then do not fix it!

Peter & Gwenda Vangucci
Our overall feelings about Courtiers is they look after our interests well and have become our friends.

We wanted to maximise the benefit of our inheritance for our children and grandchildren. Gary and our solicitor worked hand-in-hand and crafted a will which exactly met our needs. We were very happy with the outcome. Interestingly, both Gary and our solicitor said they drew benefit from the exercise.

Courtiers give us Peace of mind. You can analyse it further if you wish, but sound performance over many years and complete trust in the staff and their judgement, allow us to feel very comfortable in our relationship with Courtiers. Continue the hard work finding profitable and sound sources of financial growth.

John & Mona Harmsworth
Courtiers are the most useful and honest Financial advisers we could wish for, with very happy and friendly staff always eager and polite to deal with. We have a long term association with Gary and Caroline and more recently Graeme.

When I retired I looked for tax free investment and have been delighted with the results of ISA investments as suggested by Gary.

Susan Hayes
I have always found Courtiers a reliable, honest financial advisory firm that takes a personal interest in its clients, benefiting from annual visits from Graeme to review my finances and specific advice on how to get the best return on my savings.

Courtiers taking over my personal pension reduced the charges and they complete my tax return each year thus ensuring it is done on time and is accurate.

Peter & Cynthia Jennings
Courtiers staff are always warm and positive, every contact gives 'good vibrations'.

We were introduced to Courtiers by our long time financial advisers and were glad to have personal contact with Graeme Clark.

We appreciate the biannual reports which help us to understand the current difficult financial situation. We relax because we know our personal resources are in the best personal hands, even if at the moment they have dipped a little.

Continue to send the occasional, very interesting, briefing papers.

Jeffery Collard
My overall feeling about Courtiers is very positive, specifically like the annual presentations and defensive strategy.

The receipt of regular emails on current positions enable both long and short term views and insights on the pressures affecting the markets.

J P Critoph
Courtiers care for my money as if it were their own.

In a fast changing world, the annual get together with informative talks and market overview allow us to be kept informed on areas that Courtiers deal with.

Case Studies

Building Wealth

A Courtiers Private Client (husband and wife) owned a wholesale business which generated a significant profit. They were keen to build up personal wealth outside the company ahead of any potential downturn in the company’s fortunes, but still needed access to their capital for any future business requirements.

Their company also faced a potentially large Corporation Tax bill and if they simply withdrew the profit from the company, they’d be hit hard by the tax man for Income Tax.


By working closely with their own Courtiers Wealth Management Adviser assigned to understand and work to the specific circumstances and needs, our client mitigated both the company’s and their own personal tax liabilities by investing and maximising their hard earned wealth in a tax efficient environment.

Over time, the couple enjoyed building up significant wealth outside their business, reducing risk and mitigating any personal and corporate tax liabilities all with the help of Courtiers. While they now enjoy retirement, they continue to work alongside Courtiers to utilise valuable help and advice which maximises the wealth they together created.

Protecting Wealth

A married couple were about to become grandparents for the third time. They decided as a result that it was time to sell their very successful scientific equipment supplies business and did so for £4 million.

The sale would allow them more time to relax with each other and with their growing family – as long as the capital could offer them suitable comfort and security for the rest of their lives while providing for their future grandchildren’s education.


Having met with Courtiers, the couple were assigned a Personal Courtiers Wealth Management Adviser who took time to understand the history and desired future surrounding the couple’s circumstances. As a Courtiers client their Personal Wealth Management Adviser was able to help and implement an easy-to-understand, tax efficient, low risk financial investment strategy that would protect their capital and achieve their personal and financial objectives.

Enjoying Wealth

A capable senior technical support manager worked for an international telecoms company while his wife enjoyed caring for their two children at home.

Before the couple married, they worked together at a fast growing US technology company listed on the NASDAQ (where they first met). Both had remuneration packages which included a very generous share option scheme and as the technology market boomed, the share price increased significantly. Subsequently, their family’s wealth bloomed substantially.


Exploring their options, the couple identified and harnessed valuable insight through the guidance of a personal Courtiers Wealth Management Adviser. They chose to exercise their maturing options and sell their shares to diversify their risk and secure the family’s future. Unfortunately as we now know, the technology bubble burst and this wiped out the couple’s remaining share options, but by listening to, understanding and guiding Courtiers to diversify investments, the couple reduced their risk and secured the family’s wealth. Today, our client continues to enjoy a fantastic lifestyle with peace of mind and ongoing support from their dedicated and well informed Courtiers Wealth Management Adviser.

Passing on Wealth

A successful husband and wife were overjoyed when their daughter and son in-law announced they were having twins.

This meant new priorities for the grandparents-to-be and they decided to review their financial objectives and plans.


As a Courtiers Private Client, alongside their Personal Courtiers Wealth Management Adviser the couple were able to plan a suitable strategy with guidance from their Personal Courtiers Wealth Management Adviser and mitigate Inheritance Tax. This ensured the family’s hard-earned wealth could be passed to the next generation while still allowing them to access their capital to maintain their own lifestyles.