Brunswick Investment Management Limited is now part of Courtiers and a wholly owned subsidiary of Courtiers Group Holdings Limited.

Brunswick Investment Management Limited has voluntarily agreed with the FCA to abstain from accepting new business, whilst the Courtiers Group consolidates recent acquisitions and embeds essential business oversight functions with its new client management framework designed to enhance client service. The Requirement Notice is available on the FCA Register. Brunswick is willing to meet the FCA requirement and return to business as usual.

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Brunswick Investment Management Limited, 7-8 Wensum Mount Business Centre, Low Road, Norwich, NR6 5AQ
01491 578 368 –
Authorised and Regulated by the FCA 618199 ∙ Registered in England & Wales 08685372
Registered address: 18 Hart St, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 2AU