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Great benefits through understanding

Courtiers has invested more than 30 years refining its own organisation and team to ensure each individual is willing and able to excel in their key area(s) of expertise. 

We know what it takes to attract, engage, secure, incentivise and retain motivated, capable and committed individuals who can help improve an organisation’s overall productivity and performance.

Flexible Corporate Services from Courtiers are geared to support any organisation in its ambitions to: :

  • Attract and retain the right culture of people to grow the business.
  • Incentivise and motivate each employee to remain committed and engaged
  • Maximise business productivity, performance and profit
  • Comply with all legal obligations both current and future (our focus on the industry allows Courtiers to recognise and respond to changes in legislation as they arise).

Speaking clearly

Courtiers is an educated, experienced and plain-talking corporate ally supporting organisations through a seemingly simple three step process:


Fact-finding. Courtiers take time to understand all aspects of your organisation, specifically (but not limited to):

  • People
  • Performance
  • Culture
  • Past / present circumstances and future vision
  • Any existing schemes
  • Any specific ambitions
  • Budgets

The culture and capability of Courtiers becomes clear as a matter of course as we establish an understanding of your business, and we actively encourage any questions you might have about our organisation along the way.

Once a mutual understanding is evident, we move forward.


Courtiers understands your business and its ambitions so we can begin to consider viable solutions.

With the insight and resources available, Courtiers will offer a valuable perspective on your business’ circumstances, what it might need and which benefit scheme solutions might be most appropriate to take it forward.


Courtiers presents any prospective Benefit Scheme packages for your review and consideration, taking time to explain all aspects of the proposed scheme clearly and with a detailed insight into all benefits and future effects.

Now you have a clear understanding of the options available and any impact on you and your business, you can make an informed decision before working with Courtiers to implement the right scheme.


With our visions aligned, Courtiers remains close to your business to ensure:

  • All schemes are working in line with your ambitions.
  • All trustees are informed at all times and involved as much as required.
  • All employees are aware of their options, what they mean and any ongoing benefits (promoting your company’s culture of care).

How can we help you?

To discuss your corporate needs in confidence, call our Head Office on +44 (0) 1491 578 368 or select an option below:

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