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Hazel Compton

Brand Publisher

01993 223001

At Courtiers

Joining Courtiers just before Christmas in 2023, Hazel brings her creative and strategic knowledge to every aspect of the brand. Whether a specialised email campaign, developing social media assets, writing a guide or curating video interviews, Hazel remains focused on great content that will support every client and sponsorship.

Background / Experience

Building a career out of her love of writing, Hazel moved from an MA in English Lit at her hometown university, UEA, first into editorial and publishing, then into brand and marketing, with a focus on content. Along the way she also grew her fascination in data and marketing strategy, as well as buyer psychology.

Outside Work

An author who is always working on her latest manuscript, Hazel also adores reading, playing guitar, rock climbing, bellydancing and beating her friends at board games.