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Michael O'Sullivan

Non-Executive Director (CAML)

At Courtiers

Michael serves on the Courtiers Group Executive Committee as a Non-Executive Director. He helps guide the business in setting and achieving key objectives.

Background / Experience

Additional to his role at Courtiers, Michael is a director of wealth managers at Unio, Managing Partner at Harvest Innovation Advisory, a Senior Adviser at WestExec, and a board member of the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation. He also advises several asset management and fintech companies.

With over twenty years’ experience in global financial markets, Michael’s most recent appointment was as Chief Investment Officer in the International Wealth Management Division of Credit Suisse, where he worked for twelve years.

He’s been a member of the World Economic Forum’s Council on the New Economy, a Forbes contributor, a speaker at the 2020 TED Talk conference, and earlier in 2024 held a TEDx Talk on ‘Restoring Democracy’.

Michael studied in Cork and received MPhil and DPhil degrees at Balliol College, Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He’s taught finance and economics at Oxford University and Princeton University.

Michael’s the author of ‘The Levelling’ (Public Affairs), which outlines what’s next in politics, economics, finance and geopolitics in the post globalization era. Recently he co-authored ‘L’Accord du Peuple’ (Calmann-Levy) and made the BBC 4 radio documentary Waking up to World Debt.

Outside Work

Michael likes to run in his spare time and is also kept busy helping with his wife’s Parisian microbrewery, ‘La Femme sans Tête’.