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Take care and beware – there are scammers out there

Amid unprecedented uncertainty, heightened anxiety and increasing desperation, scammers are thriving. We must be careful.

The Government has recently designed a distinctive image for its communications regarding COVID-19. This is present on the TV, in street advertising, across the web and rest assured….

There’s also an increased NHS brand presence, and again:

The above stylised images took us minutes to produce. We think they demonstrate how easy it is for professional scammers to emulate honest endeavours that exist for the benefit of society, in order to fool others.

Scammers know no remorse. They prey on the vulnerable and desperate. They use false promises and audacious deceit, often under incredibly convincing guises, to extort money from innocent, trusting people.

Many emails and texts are flying around offering testing kits at a price, funding to feed the family in exchange for your bank details – amongst other false promises. These could be easy to mistake as genuine and this is why we must all think carefully and act cautiously whenever in receipt of any such communication.

It’s important to take care in all areas of life right now to ensure all functioning senses remain active. Not just physical exercise or mindfulness in relaxation, but also exercising an assertive mind wherever possible to protect your wealth.

Don’t get caught out

Don’t act in haste if you receive instructions by text or email

Don’t give out passwords or bank details

Don’t take any risks

Don’t trust strangers bringing compelling propositions

Don’t ignore any sense of uncertainty.

If you’re ever unsure…ask.

We’ve been in the world of wealth management long enough. We’ve seen many a scam, but we haven’t seen quite as many at once as there are out there right now, hence our desire to say something.

If you receive a message or call that looks or sounds even the slightest bit ‘dodgy’, whether relating to the current pandemic, lockdown or anything else – no matter how small it might seem, please contact your adviser. They will listen carefully and could offer a valuable second opinion.

Stay safe.

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