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Bright Night Casts City Shadow…Three Thoughts

Fire, water and government know nothing of mercy.

350 years ago and ordinary life in olde London until shortly after 1am, when shapeshifting shadows in the streets became the single shadow of an entire city on fire.

September 2nd, 1666 and Thomas Farrinor, baker for the king, leaves work for the night without extinguishing the fire that heated the baker’s oven. Sparks eventually land on nearby flour bags and the bags light. Fire spreads fast and Pudding Lane, mostly wood (as was much of London), is suddenly all fire and fear. It continues…London’s burning…

A four day inferno across the city destroyed around 80% of what an estimated half a million people had called home.

Pour on water

The Great Fire of London demonstrates that one small oversight can lead to other events which without due care and attention can collectively build, grow and form unthinkable chaos. A 10 month drought had left London dry and fit to ignite, while strong easterly winds helped carry the Great Fire across the land…untimely natural events surrounding one overlooked oven.

1. Think now, think big, think ahead

Looking closely at a bigger picture and paying attention to all details at all times ensures the chances of oversight are minimised. It’s important to ensure that what is important is considered, again, at all times. Having a team working together and a constant eye on the market is a great help when there are so many opportunities out there…more eyes, more hands and more heads aligned to focus together on meeting specific objectives.

2. Exercise experience

Experience offers a trained eye and a trained mind. It allows an understanding from a view refined to identify opportunities, harness them and act in a knowledgeable way that has proven in the past to influence the likelihood of favourable outcomes.

3. Unequivocal understanding

Understanding is key. Knowing what to do and what not to do based on objectives and specific activity is a good way to make the very best of existing circumstances and future aspirations.

Courtiers Investment Services in Henley

Ask the industry and you might learn Courtiers offers investment services and employee benefit services. Ask in real life, and you can see COURTIERS as a complex and carefully combined group of individuals driven to listen and understand exactly where clients are and the goals they’d like to achieve, before setting off on a solid journey to help realise them.

How well London walked through the fire. Today it continues to thrive as part of a well-structured global investment market. Courtiers continues to harness opportunity whilst managing risks.

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