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Charities benefit from local partnership built on shared values 

25 Aug 2023

Courtiers has long been keen to support the commitment of local clubs and organisations to their communities. A growing partnership with Badgemore Park Golf Club in Henley-on-Thames can demonstrate this…

Focused on Badgemore and its members, in June last year Courtiers backed the Longest Day Challenge, which saw Men’s Past Captain Dave Haddock play 110 holes during daylight hours, a monumental achievement which raised £4,600 in total. The initiative was coordinated by Dave, facilitated by Badgemore and ultimately, three charities close to the hearts of the club’s members benefited from it.

Annual Events 

Earlier this summer, Courtiers contributed to help ensure the club’s Open Anniversary Weekend, an annual team tournament, which raises money to fund improvements in and around the club, offered generous prizes alongside substantial money raised for charity.

Working together, Badgemore and Courtiers stepped up Badgemore’s Summer Medals, now the Courtiers Summer Medals, beefing up prizes and adding pizzazz to the tournaments, which take place monthly throughout the summer. It’s all part of building relationships and enriching experiences.

Courtiers and Captains’ Charities 

Over the years, Badgemore’s Men’s and Lady Captains have been the key drivers behind the club’s successful efforts to raise thousands of pounds for charities and good causes. Not only does each Captain choose a charity – they are also responsible for coming up with fundraising ideas to enthuse and motivate club members.

Late last month, this year’s Lady Captain, Maggie Stanley and Men’s Captain, Les Hines told us more about their chosen charities and how fundraising was going.

“It’s a local charity…I just felt a connection there.”

Maggie explained how she came to choose her charity – Nomad Youth & Community project, based locally in Henley-on-Thames. It supports children, young people and families facing a range of challenging situations.

There was this lady speaking in church, who was talking about what Nomad Youth & Community project does,” she explains. Maggie says she was particularly touched by the story of a young lady who struggled with substance abuse, eventually losing her home and parental responsibility as a result.

After Nomad intervened, she was able to rehabilitate, get back into education, back into work and now she’s got her kids back. She’s also going into prisons to talk about her experiences, helping others who face problems similar to those she went through.

Nomad is so small and they rely heavily on donations. We think Henley is an affluent town, but there are so many people who are in a very bad situation. It’s a local charity as well and I just felt a connection there.

“They always say ‘Find a charity that’s close to your heart’.”

This is what Les, who became Men’s Captain in January says.

Action for M.E., a small but national charity that campaigns to raise awareness of M.E. and drive research into the condition and its causes struck a chord with Les, who was moved to choose it as his charity after seeing the devastating impact it’s had on his 37-year-old niece. “She’s gone from being a very active, able, outgoing, bright enthusiastic woman to having just two useful hours a day when she has to rush between things she needs to get done, including bringing up her 8-year-old daughter.

Since he took over as Men’s Captain, Les said club members had been “extremely generous” in supporting both charities. “We’ve been auctioning golf 4-ball vouchers kindly donated by other local clubs, had raffles and sweepstakes. Whether it’s for the Men’s Captain’s charity or the Lady Captain’s, everyone’s very supportive,” agreed Maggie.

In June, two of Badgemore’s young professionals played for 24 hours non-stop. 140 holes of golf, more than 98,000 steps and the support of members caddying through the night. “A huge undertaking,” said Les – and one, which boosted the amount collected for the two charities by more than £3,500, with Courtiers contributing its part again through the club’s sponsorship.

Maggie began her year as Captain with her Captain’s drive-in, which raised £450, with members having to guess where her drive would go. At the same event, she organised a prize draw giving members the opportunity to win an umbrella “kindly donated” by Courtiers.

Courtiers kicks off fundraising auction

In June, Catriona Matthew, twice Captain of European Solheim Cup-winning teams, spent a day at the club. Following a golf clinic and a meal, an auction was held to raise money for the two charities. Courtiers kicked off the auction, encouraging bidders onto the floor by making a generous donation, split between each of the Captains’ charities. With members bidding generously for 4-ball vouchers and two ‘Money-Can’t-Buy Experiences’ and plenty of interest in a raffle, including the money donated by Courtiers, more than £1,600 was raised.

More than a corporate partnership

Being Men’s or Ladies’ Captain at Badgemore Park is a busy role with many responsibilities. Les made it clear how important the charity aspect of his role was. “The opportunity to raise funds for charity is an important part of what the Captain’s year is about,” he said. “It’s a privilege to be asked to do it.

Leo Hallam, Courtiers’ Head of Brand & Communication said, “You look at ground level and see what’s really happening. Badgemore’s a welcoming place and a lot of the club’s character feels driven by the members. It’s more than a corporate partnership between Courtiers and Badgemore Park. Our collaborative efforts can feed through into communities, through charities that mean something to members and through members’ own efforts and initiatives.

Important information  

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