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Last week, Courtiers gathered for the first “Knowledge Exchange” of 2024. Held twice a year at the Courtiers Auditorium in Witney, this internal event is an opportunity for colleagues to get together and share insights across the company, ensuring the business remains aligned and at the pinnacle of learning throughout.

Discussions across teams covered investment information, potential tax changes and how Courtiers can continue to develop and provide an outstanding experience.

As Gary recently pointed out, Courtiers knows that its success is its clients’ success. Delivering continuity and working together ensures everyone in the business – wherever they’re based in the UK – keeps Courtiers connected and up to date.

"This industry moves at a fast past and it’s important to stay abreast of the many legislative changes while fixing and establishing prior reading. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to meet and bring together learning from exams and experiences. This expands my own knowledge and equips me with nuggets of information I can impart to my clients." - Ugiagbe Ugiagbe, Financial Adviser

“This was my first Knowledge Exchange, and I found the event invaluable. Topics discussed on the day not only help Advisers with their own personal development but also arm us with the information necessary to enhance the client experience with Courtiers. This event had a real focus on support and improvement. It’s clear to see that we are striving for excellence in every corner of the business with the aim of adding further value to our client proposition.” – Daniel Garrard, Private Client Adviser

The Knowledge Exchange, and how it feeds into the Courtiers Education Academy, fuels development and drive throughout the company to maintain a progressive culture and mindset.

“It’s quite funny that two people that were kicked out of school at 16 should be so pro-education in their dotage, but I think Jamie and I realised that we were fortunate to find our way into fantastic professional careers that were enriched by early study and qualification. “We want today’s youngsters – and the not so young – to have the same opportunities and get the best from their abilities, which is why the Courtiers Academy, and its associated training programmes, were for us a no brainer.” – Gary Reynolds, CIO

Embracing personal and professional development at all levels, the Courters Education Academy drives continuous improvement and creates an inspiring work environment.

While we encourage professional development across all teams, Trainee Advisers and Paraplanners are guided to accomplish the CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning (DipPFS) through a structured training programme. The Courtiers Auditorium in Witney is an authorised CII exam centre.

“As an academy member and Trainee Paraplanner, Knowledge Exchange allows me to develop in my role, picking up relevant pieces of information that assists with my training. This year, pension talks were super helpful as six others and I are currently studying towards our RO4 exam, bringing us one step closer to our diploma qualification.” – Martyn Daw, Trainee Paraplanner

Gary likened the focus on education to how we support junior groups in the Rams via sponsorship;

“We carry the same philosophy [of education and continuous learning] into Rams Rugby Club. Rams looks to give state school children the opportunity to realise their full potential and to the same standards that the private sector offers its pupils. This is how Courtiers and Rams does its bit for ‘levelling up’.”

Recognising achievement

Following each Knowledge Exchange, we issue each attending employee an authorised digital certificate, which contributes towards their continued professional development (CPD).

“The above cartoon perfectly encapsulates my ethos for the past twenty years, fuelling my ambition to form Courtiers Education Academy and build the Knowledge Exchange. Starting as the monthly investment challenge in 2010, this evolved into the Adviser Seminar in 2015. Finally, it morphed into the Knowledge Exchange to cater for a wider audience within Courtiers, educating on tax planning, pension advice and legislation expertise. All for the benefit of our clients and to deliver on their objectives.” - Jamie Shepperd, Chief Executive Officer

Courtiers consistently tailors financial planning solutions to benefit you. Through events like Knowledge Exchange, Courtiers Advisers, Investment Analysts and supporting teams are always aligned, informed and up-to-date on investment, pension and lifetime cashflow management.

Important information

The views expressed by Courtiers in this summary are reached from our own research. Courtiers cannot accept responsibility for any decisions taken as a result of reading this article. Investors are recommended to take independent professional advice before effecting transactions and the prices of stocks, shares and funds, and the income from them can fall. Past performance is not a guide to future returns. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in future. We do not endorse or accept responsibility for website content on any websites other than those operated by Courtiers, which may be accessible via links in this article.


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